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Star Trek Review

As a queer mexican trekkie, it is my duty to post a review on the latest Star Trek movie. And yes, I've posted comments on various websites. Wouldn't have things any other way.. no? :-)

So, my review is a compilation of what I've posted online with additional content and editing. Be warned, I'm not a movie critic so don't expect an opinion on plot. Do expect comments which bring out my inner trekkie, which believe it or not doesn't happen very often. All I ever want, anyway, is a good entertaining story which makes me think. Star Trek is full of many good stories, many great messages, and beautiful character moments all being among the many reasons why I am proud to be a Trekkie. This movie is certainly among the best Trek stories ever told.

Here goes!

Star Trek is a good movie and I will definitely go see it again.. I wouldn't say I loved it, but I did enjoy it very much. The anticipation was most worth it. This will be a day long remembered.. (oops.. wrong franchise) ;-)

I don't think anything will top Star Trek: The Wrath Of Kahn, though. That said: this new reincarnation of Trek is written for everyone and not just for the fans. So unless you have very strong feelings about time travel, are extremely nitpicky about all things Trek, and will only accept Shatner as Kirk - go see the movie already!

One scene left me really upset. Another was a huge WTF. I have had mixed feelings about the time travel. I did like how it was explained through a mind-meld from Spock. Regardless, I actually appreciated that there was no magic reset button at the end of this movie.

It essentially establishes a third universe ready for new adventures. We now have Prime (original), Mirror, and Reimagined (yet unnamed as far as I know). Nothing from what has come before is wiped clean. Nothing is lost. To paraphrase the good ol' Guardian of Forever, time hasn't lost its shape (if you prescribe to quantum mechanics and the idea of a multiverse) and "all is as it was before." My only question is, which universe does the very first scene take place in: prime, or reimagined?

Lots of nods to all that has come before, I actually lost track. And dammit, I missed the tribble! Maybe it was hiding behind that baseball cap sitting in front of me at the movie theater..

Anyway, it was great to see the Big E in action once again. I do confess, her reveal left me asking.. no, begging.. to be showcased a little more as in The Motion Picture. The TMP Enterprise will always be my favorite ship, by the way. The E is a character unto itself, to be honest! Regardless it was a highlight in this emotional roller coaster of a film. The music for that scene was just right.

About the scene which left me utterly upset: I was unable to get that moment out of my head until many hours later. While typing this up, quite suddenly thoughts of TNG’s “Sarek” episode put everything back into a certain perspective, given what happens later near the end of the film.

In that episode Sarek reveals through a mind meld with Captain Picard how much he loved his former wife, Lady Amanda Grayson. Amanda's character is established as a teacher and is a fan favorite. You can infer from later events in The Next Generation series that he never truly reveals his suppressed feelings to anyone, not even to his son, Spock. The point is - in this reimagined universe Spock hears directly from Sarek how much he loves his wife.

You don't even need to know this from the previous series to get the point. Within these two hours, we get to witness why Sarek's union with Amanda was more that just the logical thing to do. Not so in any other incarnation of Trek. This is a prime example (no pun intended) of the care that the writers put into this movie. The movie is chock full of moments like these.

One thing I was watching for, which I got. In Next Generation's "Yesterday's Enterprise" we are taken to an altered timeline and it seems only Guinan is aware that something is not quite right. So, knowing that this episode was among several which were inspirational to the writers, I hoped to find such a moment. And yes, I got it! At one moment Spock says to Kirk: "what? you're not the captain?" with a very quizzical look on his face. Awesome!

Final thought.. Spock & Uhura? Really? That was a bit over the top..

So: will I see Star Trek again in the movie theater? Hmm. Is the Pope Catholic? ;-)

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leonel said...

I've come to love this movie. My very first viewing was overwhelming to say the least. It has required multiple viewings to get a full appreciation of it.

So, here's a follow-up to my review.

Since the movie's run, fans have been referring to this reimagined universe as an alternate reality (of the prime universe). Basically, throw out the Back To The Future way of thinking when considering the world of Star Trek! ;)

I felt a need to clarify my comments regarding Lady Amanda's fate in the alternate reality vs. her prime counterpart. It took a lifetime for her husband to admit his love. A tragic tale of what it means to be Vulcan. But with Mark Lenard's awesome acting, its clear the love is there. This character arc spans one Original Series episode (Journey to Babel), Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock, and several Next Generation episodes (Sarek, Unification I and II).

And then there's Spock and Uhura. That was supposed to be a play on, "Kirk or Spock always get the girl." Usually its Kirk. I guess the writers wanted to show Kirk's reaction to Spock and not him getting the girl. But Uhura? Really? Ah well.. :)

That's it for now!! :)

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