Friday, May 29, 2009

The Power Strangers Have On The Right To Marry

I haven't been quite sure how to put my thoughts on California's Proposition 8 mess into words. Until now. Actor David Hyde Pierce pretty much summed it up as best as anyone really could.

Angered by the ruling, Hyde Pierce said Thursday: "It's like, `Oh great, we made the cut.'"
He called it a "very odd thing" that strangers have a vote on his private decision to marry.

The power that complete strangers have given themselves over this particular individual choice is disgusting. They have the power to dictate who gay people can be united with in the eyes of the law. They have the power to dictate which people get the automatic right to hospital visitation, end-of-life decision making, and family leave for their companions.

Very odd indeed.

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spfillmer said...

I love how Americans call themselves world leaders, but are behind the rest of everyone at everything. Banning slavery, giving women the right to vote, fighting in world wars, providing health care, ending segregation, multi-racial marriage, non caucasion presidents and allowing LGBT's equal rights, the list goes on and on. Who came up with that "land of the free" thing anyways? Thanks for posting this my love.

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