Saturday, November 17, 2007

Boycott The Bears!

So, the time has come. The Leonard Bearstein Symphony Orchestra is back at The Shops of Grand Avenue. I cannot believe that they've been a fixture, pun intended, at this mall for five years now.

And no offense to those of you that enjoy them: its time to Boycott The Bears!

The first year, they were pretty cool. I confess, I did enjoy them. Second time around, yes.. I would stop by every once in a while to check them out. Third year. Started getting old. Now they are in their fifth year. Don't know about anyone else, but some of my friends and coworkers at a nearby corporation have just about had it.

How much does it cost to prepare this production, anyway? Couldn't this money go elsewhere, like reinvesting into the mall? I digress.

People are talking about these furry things. We were discussing them at lunch and it was pointed out that area grade schools have essentially lost a place to perform their Christmas shows. Kids have been upstaged by.. oh, forget it.

Seriously, surely a variety of reasons have contributed to the kids no longer performing here. Mall safety. Mall decline. Parking. Freeway construction. Political correctness. The "different clientele". Or, plain good ol' lack of interest. Who knows.

All I am is a suburbanite. Born and raised, lived in downtown Milwaukee for a while, and went back to live in the suburbs. What would I know.

That discussion brought back memories of Christmas trips to the Grand Avenue Mall when I attended A WAUKESHA GRADE SCHOOL. Memories of playing my viola with a lot of fellow middle school orchestra kids. I think the event was called Strolling for Strings, and we got to walk while filling the entire mall with music. WITH A LOT OF PARTICIPATION FROM THE SUBURBS.

Its because of that and other musical experiences as a child that I enjoy watching children perform music. Something that I miss very much. I'd much rather watch children than mechanical teddy bears not even worth roasting on an open fire synchronized to constant crap dished out by a never-ending, repeating recording. ;-)

Let me be clear: I love Christmas music. I'd much rather hear it long after Thanksgiving and a touch closer to Christmas Eve.

So I say again, what do I know. Some of us are making a joke about the situation anyway. Anyone with us? Let's Boycott The Bears at The Shops Of Grand Avenue!!

OK: so I guess it is kinda cool for them to be decked out in the green and gold every once in while. However, looks like I'm not the only one that might feel the same, judging from this blog from last year. Its time for them to go. Maybe, just maybe, they would be more tolerable if they toured other malls in the area to give area residents an equal opportunity to share this "wealth."

One thing is certain. Some of us have decided to not step foot anywhere within earshot of them. Plenty of options in downtown to take our lunch money anyway.

Spotted at for 2007. Did you think I would really step foot anywhere near them to take a picture? ;-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gay Britains Oppose Iraq Executions

(mustering up my best Arnold Horshack impersonation)


This is why there are rumors flying about wanting to attack Iran! Its their stance on civil rights - their leaders believe gays should be executed!

Seriously, talk about wishful thinking. If it were not for all that oil in the region, I wonder what the USA would do and how less petty and greedy it would be perceived..

Click here to read about what gay Brits are doing to take a stand on this issue. If only people in this country would do the same.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

"God Hates The Phelps"

So the Phelps gets a taste of their own medicine. But were the fireworks-type devices really necessary? Read more here.

Tornado Rainbow Triangle