Friday, November 29, 2013

Anybody Remember Black Friday Specials On Groceries?

Black Friday. The day conjures up thoughts of (not) spending time with family in order to purchase goods marked down at unbelievably low prices for a short period of time. Of course, this is part of society in the United States which is driven by greed and profit. Let's take a look at this while considering the FACT that the rich continue to get richer while the poor....

Let's think about this for a second. Our enlightened society is driven by greed, profit and money. Some people are going get rich. Very rich. To feed their greed and maintain their lifestyle they will manipulate the system so they can continue this cycle where the rich get richer. No matter the cost. No pun intended.

One way to make sure that happens is for large businesses and inhuman corporations to pay some workers low wages. Yes this is oversimplifying the situation but pay low wages (i.e. keep expenses low) and voila.. more money to line the pockets of certain people. So low, that some have to choose between feeding themselves, feeding their families or paying their bills. I'm talking about people who cannot afford essential goods and services, not luxury items. People who have to choose between $1 crapburgers and much more expensive healthy options. I will not describe them because in some cases I would perpetuate disturbing stereotypes. Yes, some sensational people make very inexplicable choices but the fact remains: for some, low wages take choices away keeping them from buying food, clothing, health care, and a place to live.

Black Friday: the day that prices for some goods get driven unbelievably low. Goods manufactured outside of the United States, because if they were manufactured here they would most certainly be more expensive. I will not elaborate because I don't have all the facts and I do not understand the economics of the situation. But I will say this: does anyone remember any Black Friday specials on fruits, vegetables, and other groceries?

Which brings me to the reason I decided to blog. Let's consider the shootings, tazings, and other goings on during a time of year where we are supposed to be wishing each other "Happy Holidays." Let's ignore some of the people who are doing the shopping here. I'm talking about the crazy nutbags who trample others over things they really don't need. We all know the type.

Black Friday 2013: Brawls, Tramplings, Shootings on Kotaku


By drawing attention to them, we're not looking at the whole picture.

I'm talking about people who are not sensationalized and are unable to get the goods and services they need. People who are forced -- not by choice -- to have to eat that $1 crapburger because that is the only food they can afford to sustain themselves. Black Friday is probably one of the only days that they can say, "today I will finally buy 'x' because I will actually be able to afford it." I wonder when we'll look back at this day and say, "remember when we only had one shopping day like Black Friday" given that is now spreading into Thursday evening. Shopping after Thanksgiving Dinner, anyone? Assuming you were even able to afford Thanksgiving Dinner of course.

What if we could go shopping and buy the things we both need and want at low prices on any day, not just just after Thanksgiving Dinner?

What if businesses and corporations kept their products marked down all year for everyone to afford, and not just on Black Friday?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Music is amazing. La música es algo increíble.

Music is such an amazing thing:
That melody that transports you to a favorite movie scene or reminds you of a favorite character.
That elusive lyric you cannot understand until learning a life lesson.
That mesmerizing song you can suddenly skip after chuckling at a memory and realizing certain closure when thinking of what was.

La música es algo increíble:
Esa melodía que te transporta a la escena de una película favorita o te recuerda a un personaje de una película favorita.
Esa lírica evasivo que no entiendes hasta que aprendes una lección importante de la vida.
Esa canción hipnótica que de repente puedes ignorar y estas resignado a cómo eran las cosas, dándote cuenta que tienes cierre definitivo con recuerdos divertidos.

Tornado Rainbow Triangle