Sunday, October 28, 2007

They Serve A.. Different.. Clientele

Years ago, I went shopping at an area Boston Store. I can no longer remember the item I was shopping for. That portion of the memory was overpowered by an encounter with a not-so-customer-friendly salesperson. The person happened to be a white female which uttered the following words: "well! they serve a.. different.. clientele."

I had no clue what she was referring to. The context was: the adversarial tone of a white woman's voice, the presence of a brown gay mexican male, and an increase in the african american shoppers at the store.

I came across this article about hate crimes in Seattle. Seattle! The gay friendly Capitol Hill neighborhood is facing gentrification: fewer gay bars have survived over time. Read what you want into this.

Last week, at a community meeting with police about the recent anti-gay incidents, David Beard, 26, a Capitol Hill resident and member of the city's advisory commission on sexual minorities, said that because of his sexual orientation, "I feel more trepidation about being in the neighborhood."

New clubs have brought a different clientele to the neighborhood, he said.

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