Sunday, October 7, 2007

Could Abortion Divide Republicans And Create A Third Political Party?

What timing. Steve and I are out for a Sunday drive. We come across an abortion protest. By the time I decide to take pictures, the crowd has fizzled out. The protest is orchestrated by a group called Life Chain.

This band of people extends from Oklahoma Ave. and 108th St...

..all the way up to Greenfield Ave...

..and slightly beyond.

Steve and I stop by a Starbucks on Hwy 100. We have a little chat with the barista. We agree, the protesters are a bit of an eyesore and everyone's entitled to their opinion.

At least the sea of posters included none of a graphic nature that some of the more fanatic type have been known to carry. Among these people, however, are children. These impressionable young people are taking in useless lessons on how to show intolerance. Feelings of disgust start settling in.

I'm disgusted further when I consider the consequences of unsafe abortions. Let's say that the protesters get their way and are successful in imposing their twisted morality on us all, taking away another person's choices. I believe the number of unsafe abortions would go up: where is the morality in that?

Meanwhile, I come across this article on my phone. Depending on who's on the Republican ticket, some believe the politics around abortion could divide the "Grand" Old Party and help out the Democrats:

"There are definitely enough voters out there for whom abortion is the number one issue," says Olson. "If that's the case . . . they're either going to stay home, and that helps the Democrats, or go out and vote for a third-party candidate, and that helps the Democrats."

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