Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Idaho Falls Reporter Outed For Exposing Boy Scouts & Mormon Group Pedophile Cover-Up

I've accidentally come across the PBS documentary series, "Expose: America's Investigative Reports". The current episode is about a small-town reporter who has exposed a cover-up in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Apparently the local Boy Scouts and Mormon groups has had a history of disregarding the safety of its children in a most disgusting manner -- they allowed a known pedophile to lead scouts for years. By the way, the reporter happens to be gay and was outed as a result.

Click here for a blog about this episode of Expose.

While you're at it, visit Scouting For All, an organization that does everything the Boy Scouts of America does and does more: it respects diversity.

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This month, PBS airs "In A Small Town," a special two-part episode of their series Expose: America's Investigative Reports.

The episode documents what happens when Peter Zuckerman, a reporter for the Idaho Post Falls Register, unearths evidence of multiple victims of child sexual abuse in the local boy scouts. When the story breaks it leads to fierce division within the community. Zuckerman and the paper he works for come under attack both from Mormon groups and from the Boy Scouts. Zuckerman, who is gay, is eventually outed, and his sexual orientation becomes an issue in the very story he's trying to cover.

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