Saturday, July 16, 2011

Comparing government spending and earnings to typical households. Or am I being obtuse?

A friend over at Facebook posted the following, after listening to Dave Ramsey on Thursday, July 14.

If our government was a household that makes 56,000 dollars per year, it's spends 92,000 dollars per year and owes just over 300,000 dollars in credit cards. Now I don't care what side of the aisle you are on, that is one f'd up household! The worst part is instead of reducing our spending we want to raise our credit limits. seriously???

I couldn't help but add the following:

It has a single source of income, even with two wage earners in the household. The single income is for a middle-manager at a small company. The other could make over $100K with their masters degree but chooses to stay home and schemes how to get more money out of the small understaffed company.

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Carol said...

I would tell this family to get a part-time job until they straighten out - makes more sense than starving the kids or turning off the heat. Also the 300,000 debt is more like a mortgage than credit cards, but those who would skew this argument don't like to hear that.

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