Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sarah Palin encouraging to flaunt Osama bin Laden's photo does nothing to convince me she should run for office

I just had to repost this comment from a gentleman named Mark regarding Sarah Palin's (not so) brilliant tweet demanding to show Bin Laden's photo.

Mark says:

I am so impressed by Sarah Palin. Failed as a VP candidate. Never completed her term as Governor. Never been in the House or the Senate. Her international resume includes the ability to see Russia from her front porch. And she can't remember any national publication she has read on a regular basis because she got rattled during an interview. And SHE has decided that not publishing graphic photos is pussy-footing? She knows what constitutes "part of the mission?" She hasn't completed a mission, so how would she know. Ms. Palin, instead of shooting animals, take that shotgun and go defend our country and then you will know what constitutes "part of the mission."

May 4, 2011 03:09 pm at 3:09pm

(reprinted with minor corrections)

Considering Palin's "experience" I cannot wrap my mind around the notion that people are interested in seeing this individual take office!?! WTF??

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