Sunday, September 12, 2010

Imagine If An Obscure Muslim Preacher Announced A Book Burning..

So let me get this straight:

  1. A preacher from an obscure Christian church in the United States decides to practice his freedom of religious expression.

  2. He announces plans for an old fashioned book burning on September 11.

  3. The book? None other than the Muslim Quran.

  4. News spreads worldwide like wildfire. The world reacts.

  5. Muslims around the world protest. Chants include "Death to America" and "Death to Christians".

Imagine if the preacher did follow through with the book burning. Imagine if the preacher did not make those plans to begin with. Imagine if a preacher from an obscure Muslim church in Afghanistan announced plans to burn the Christian Bible.

Religious intolerance, especially when expressed like this, is quite simply a shame. Stupid behavior such as this leads to bloodshed and terrorist acts -- in part based on religious beliefs -- from extremists on BOTH sides. Plain and simple.

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