Sunday, September 5, 2010

Frugal Billionaires and Lucky Doctors

So, I'm doing my Facebook thing and enjoying this three-day weekend when a friend posts a link to an article with the following headline:

7 Tips From Frugal Billionaires


It reminded me of the story of Doctor Shirley which was recently featured on one of those "Lottery Changed My Life" shows. She continues to work (which is admirable), has a strong desire to help people (which is pretty cool), and is now writing a book about her experience (huh?). I wonder if she's thought of contributing to political causes and to finding solutions to make emergency health care and expensive medical procedures affordable and accessible to the common, honest, decent person. Now that would make her effin' awesome.

Correction, 10:20pm: When I wrote this earlier today, I did not remember whether or not there was mention of the doctor's charity work on the TV show. This article states that she has "started a foundation to pay for uninsured medical expenses for Holocaust survivors that is run by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation." That is pretty awesome. But on the show which featured their story, they flashed price tag after price tag for the things she bought after winning the lottery. When they talked about the medical emergency and organ transplant, there was no mention of the cost nor how it was paid for. This just did not sit well in context with all the price tags.

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