Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Week In Traditional Marriage Issue 1.3

Sometimes parents let their kids get away with anything. They don't face the consequences of their actions. (hmm.. who should "they" refer to..) Sometimes kids will have an underage drinking party which leads to violently breaking in to a neighbor's house, and then threaten to firebomb the home of the police officer responding to the incident.

Take this week's family. Their kid sure likes to party. Note that there is no mention anywhere of said kid's father. Quite frankly I don't care where he was. A lot of WTF comes to mind when I read this article.

Oh I get it. All you have to do is cry "mommy the cop hurt me really badly" and the officer appears to get into more trouble than the kid, at least the way this opinion piece reads. I suppose traditional marriage doesn't need protection against this brand of bad parenting.

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