Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pretty Lights, Or Smooth Safe Traffic Flow?

So, a couple of accidents have shut down the Marquette Interchange on this Thursday morning's rush hour. One, not exactly sure where. The other, an overturned semi on National.

Should there be any surprise, I mean really? They say that the design decisions have been made with aesthetics and safety in mind. Just look at the mood lighting and odd lane configuration in place with future expansion in mind. Now that's planning, by the way, given their on-time under-budget implementation.

But I digress. Consider this: I94 to I43 south, a single lane turning into an exit only lane. Markings to discourage crossing into the main thoroughfare. I don't know the exact distance. But, it seems when I drive through it all I have is about two seconds to decide what to do. This is made all the more interesting when some poor soul is trying exit on National from two lanes over.

So to hear about today's traffic situation? No surprises here. How about reconfiguring the lanes to something that makes a little bit more sense, folks? What's more important: pretty lights, or smooth and safe traffic flow?

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