Monday, December 15, 2008

On Lame Duck Bush And The Iraq/Hussein Legacy

We are approaching the final days of the lame duck bush administration. Judging from the celebrations at the White House on election night, surely people out there are counting down the final days to January 20, 2009. Maybe they're counting down to the final minutes.

Anyway: some of the bush legacy will undoubtedly involve Iraq. Did you know that 60 Minutes had a segment on the interrogation of Saddam Hussein? That 60 Minutes interview of the man who interrograted Hussein, in my opinion, certainly places the bush legacy into a certain perspective. I heard about that segment months ago.

When reflecting on the interview, its difficult not to question United States intentions and interests in the Middle East. Especially now that petro companies have more freedom to be fruitful. At least the cost of gasoline has dropped significantly these days.

I digress. Here we have a defiant man with no remorse for what he said and did and at first was more concerned about Iran than the United States. A man full of surprises: in fact he may have had a unique respect for women. More than some Americans, I might add.

Some highlights:

  • The real reason for Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait: a grossly inappropriate comment about Iraqi women

  • No weapons of mass destruction, but he did want to bring them back

  • Hussein reacts to Baghdad moving on without him

  • Hussein considered Bin Laden a fanatic and never wanted to be associated with him

  • Hussein has respect for Reagan and Clinton as leaders, but not for bush senior and junior.

Here's a link to the 60 Minutes article complete with video, in all its glory.

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