Sunday, June 8, 2008

Protester Washout

Multiple tornado warnings for Milwaukee in one weekend. Who would've thought. To say that strong storms hit southeastern Wisconsin would be an oversimplification.

Tell that to water-logged New Berlin. Our basement was among the lucky ones because some of our neighbors had more water than we did. And we could barely keep up, sucking up water non-stop Saturday night from 5:30pm to 9:30pm once we got the sump pump to drain to the side of the house instead of to the overflowing culvert. We had several inches in spots while our neighbors had enough to go past the first step in their stairwell.

Anyway, I can just hear the crackpots now: This is God's punishment for PrideFest!

Well one thing is certain: I don't remember the weather ever being like this for a PrideFest weekend. Never thought I'd see the day where rain would keep me away. And this year, we had the added bonus of having two groups protest the festival: nazis and gay bashers.

So here's my take on this weekend's weather: this is karma's way of washing out those god-damned protesters..

All I care about is that everyone who evacuated the festival made it safely to their destinations.

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